Refund Policy

Event Entry

I acknowledge that the event entry fee and associated costs are non-refundable, including in circumstances where I am unable to attend due to illness or injury or a scheduling conflict, unless: 1) the Organiser cancels or materially delays or alters the event, 2) the Organiser makes a significant change to the location of the event or the date of the event so that I am no longer able to attend.

In circumstances (1) or (2) above, the Organiser may offer me the right to attend a different event in the UK at no additional charge (and if I agree to this, I shall not be entitled to any refund). Alternatively the Organiser may issue me with a refund of my event fee at the Organiser’s sole discretion acting reasonably.

Any transfers of my Event entry to a third party will be subject to the consent of the Organiser.

If I change my mind and no longer wish to attend the event I am not eligible for a refund, a deferral, or a transfer to another event.